Master Jun Hong Lu (Justice of the Peace) – 观世音菩萨心灵法门

Master Jun Hong Lu
(Justice of the Peace)
World Renowned Chinese Buddhist Leader and World Peace Ambassador

Master Jun Hong Lu is the President, Director and Founder of the highly regarded 2OR Australia Oriental TV and Radio station and a renowned leader of the Chinese Community in Australia. Master Lu is well known internationally for his work in promoting traditional Chinese Culture, World Peace and helping people through Buddhist Teachings. In merely a few years, there are over 10 million people following Master Lu’s teachings with the spirit and compassion of Mahayana Buddhism.
With the mission to promote traditional Chinese culture, Master Jun Hong Lu provides teachings of “loving kindness and compassion”, as well as the essence of Buddhist philosophy. Master Jun Hong Lu encourages people to refrain from wrongdoings and perform good deeds. Besides that, Master Lu is the chairman and director of Australia Oriental Media Buddhist Charity Association (AOMB).  AOMB is registered under Australian Charities and Non for profit Commission-ACNC.Charity ABN: 96169422664. A year later, it is registered under United Nations Global Compact as NGO-Non Government Organisation since July 2015. 


Over the past decades, Master Jun Hong Lu has been helping people with extraordinary dedication and compassion.  Master Jun Hong Lu has been contributing to the promotion of Chinese culture to the world, which has received recognition from many countries.

May 2015 Outstanding Achievement Awards

2014 Yearbook of Who’s Who of China

Master Jun Hong Lu attends the “Interview with One Hundred Preeminent Monks” press conference in Hong Kong.

Master Lu with Somdet Phra Maharatchamongkhalachan, the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand and leading politicians

In 2015, Master Lu was invited as a special guest to attend the 12th International Buddhist Conference on the United Nations Day of Vesak in Bangkok, Thailand.

Master Jun Hong Lu is honoured with “Certificates of Recognition” by mayors and council members from six City Councils in Los Angeles.

October 2012 British Community Honours Award at the House of Lord

March 2014 Honorary Visiting Professorship by The University of Siena

March 2014 “World Peace Ambassador”

Dec 2013 ICD Awards for Exceptional Contribution and Peace Advocacy

July 2012 World Peace Award of The Unity of Faith Foundation

March 2014 Ambassador for Peace Education

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